across the ceiling; and in review

REVEAL Reviewed – Read Published Reviews And Then Leave Your Own Review of REVEAL As A Comment Below

Rolling Stone – “…once again R.E.M. are totally out of step with the times. And judging by the ceaselessly astonishing beauty of Reveal, that’s exactly where they want to be.”

Pop Matters – “…it’s indescribably pleasant to see that they’re doing some of their most intriguing, most complicated and most fulfilling work now, almost 20 years after their first release.”

Metacritic – 76

Q Magazine – “It’s a mosaic of miniature engravings and subtle colours.” 5/5 stars; June 2001; Q177 (direct link to review not available)

NME – “The entire album is buoyed along with a resonant swirl of strings and fizzy synth…This lightness of touch means that ‘Reveal’ is initially underwhelming, but in time gracefully rewarding.”

Neumu“The album straddles R.E.M.’s past and their future, sounding fresh, assured — and on par with their best previous efforts.”

BBC – “Compared to its predecessor their twelfth album is a happier, sunnier document, still entranced with electronica but not afraid to return to the gentle acoustic period of Out Of Time as well.”

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