REVEAL: Summer Turns To Twenty

14 May

2021 marks the twentieth summer to be serenaded by the sweet, citronella, dragonfly and seahorse sounds of R.E.M.’s fourteenth studio album, REVEAL. While not ranking at the top of their most commercially successful albums (at least in the U.S.), REVEAL has been revered multiple times publicly by band members Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills as one of the albums they are most proud of.

This website is a modest, decade-old tribute to the legacy of an album that, in my own experience, has more than passed the test of time from 2001, when it served as the soundtrack to the first summer my wife and I spent as a married couple exploring a new season of life in the south (after transplanting from NY), to 2021, having been held in high summer esteem by my family for two decades in a manner not unlike the holiday tunes of Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby are celebrated each December.

So, throughout the summer, feel free to visit back here and meander around as I intend to add some celebratory posts that weave all things R.E.M., summer, and REVEAL-relevant together.

To kick it off, if you haven’t already seen it, this recent ROLLING STONE interview with Michael Stipe shed’s a wonderful light on REVEAL..

Want to join the fun? Send me your favorite R.E.M./REVEAL/summer memories in the form of photos, reflections, or videos and I’ll post them here along with mine giving you full credit, of course. E-mail:


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